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國立清華大學 跨領域科學教育中心
關於科教中心 About Us


科教中心主任:戴明鳳 教授





1. 協助教務處各單位辦理科學課程、教材教法之研究發展,爭取校外計畫案和經費補助。
2. 彙整校內各單位之科普實驗資源、教材與人力,規劃辦理各類型科普活動、中小學老師專業研習等,建立、活絡科學教育資訊網路交流平臺,並以活潑輕鬆的文字撰寫科學知識,編輯成專輯或專書推廣。
3. 主動與高中聯繫,辦理科學營、定期講座,協助指導學生進行專題研究和科展,協助規劃設計實驗室、開發實驗教具和教材。
4. 規劃有利大學和高中師生的科學教育計畫,主動向教育部或科技部相關單位提出建議,並協助推展。
5. 參與國際性科學教育組織之調查研究計畫與學術交流。
6. 協助接待國外團體師生參訪及辦理科學研習活動。

【NTHU Interdisciplinary Science Education Center】

NTHU ISEC was set up on Nov. 4, 2014.
We cooperate with General Physics Laboratory, planning science-learning activities and courses.
It is available to be entrusted with the arrangement of the science camp for K-12.

Prof. TAI, MING - FONG, the leader of NTHU ISEC.

Phone Number: +886-3-5742562, +886-3-5162573
Address: R123, General Building III Area A,
    101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30013, R.O.C.

1. Helping Office of Academic Affairs with science course arrangement, textbooks and teaching method development, and extramural appropriation mobilization.
2. Summarizing the popular science resources from intramural agencies, creating communication channels for scientific knowledge exchange, writing scientific publications in vivacious style for popularization.
3. Communicating with senior high schools actively for arranging speeches and science camps, designing laboratories, developing teaching aid and textbooks; in addition, counseling students’ monographic studies.
4. Making recommendations to Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology actively, planning scientific knowledge projects which are beneficial to senior high and college teachers.
5. Participating international science education organizations’ seminars and academic exchanges.
6. Receiving international group’s visit and arranging science-learning activities.